Which Scan Tool is Better: Carman or Gscan?
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When it comes to choosing automotive scan tools, you can be overwhelmed by the choices around you. However, that does not mean that you should make a hasty or ill – informed decision. The diagnostic and scan tools related to automotives can be helpful in many cases. You can find them easily in a garage or an automotive store.

One of the advantages of the scan tools is that if you find a problem with your car, you’d be able to know what the problem with your car is. This way, you can either solve it yourself or visit a garage to get it solved. You can always choose between Carman or Gscan scanning tools. However, there are a couple of reasons why Carman is better than the other one. Let’s have a look at the few reasons.

A Brief Background

Both Carman and Gscan are reputed automotive scan tools. While Carman is a flexible one, which offers you with various options like a port to your PC. Carman scanning tool comes with a touchpad and a display of TFT. It also offers you with various brands and models, which you can use for detection of the problem with your automotive. You can also view the results of the tool through Teamviewer, from a remote location.


No automotive scanning tool is perfect without perfect functions. This is why the Carman automotive scanning tool boasts of a variety of functions that you might not have seen before. You can view the data in a graphical mode. You can also choose different functions like calibration sensor,  key and  remote programming, flight record and several activation function. With the help of Carman, you can also take printouts through an external flash drive or Wi – Fi. You can also transfer data to a Bluetooth up to a distance of 30 meters.

Contrary to this, there are some functions, which are available in Gscan scanning tool. With that, you can use vehicle auto search, diagnosing trouble codes of the car, programming of various components, live data streaming, antilock braking system analysis and EGR self test.

Final Words

If you are comfortable with the automotive jargon, you won’t have a problem associated with choosing the best scanning tool. However, if you are not, it is always safe to choose one with the features that you need. Do a thorough research before you are choosing anything and make a wise decision.

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