About Carman International

I deeply appreciate your constant interest, trust and encouragement to our company.

In order to build up a corporate identity as a world leading company in the field of the service as well as of new product development in automotive diagnostic scan tool being attuned with our slogan, “A Technology-Oriented Company for Customer Satisfaction”, our company has introduced state of the art systems that can adapt to changing conditions in the market through the implementation of strategic marketing that allows us to secure differentiated technologies and to penetrate into diverse markets.
Therefore, we are expanding our business areas towards undeveloped world markets as well as China and South America so as to stimulate profits through differentiated technical process and strategic marketing. Furthermore, we are building the foundations.

All of the managements and staffs are making the utmost endeavors to aim for being
of a profit-generating company based on basics
and principles, customer-oriented company based on trust and a strong organization
that will generate excellent performances.

We hope that you will continue to keep an eye on and encourage us with your warm
consideration, keen interest, and deep affection.

Thank you.